How to Boost your the Day - Start your Morning with Natural Alarm Clock

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I personally hate waking up to dark mornings in the colder months. Although I have not experienced it, I just recently learned that some people even have depression because of some sensitivity of the brain to light. Even with my own experience, waking up to a cold and dark morning feels like too much of a dreadful experience. There must be a way to boost one’s morning. So I find this natural alarm clock to boost my day.

Natural alarm clocks can boost your morning by copying nature’s way of stimulating the brain from being asleep to full consciousness. Through this way, you wake the way your body is naturally used to.

What is nature’s way of waking us up and how does it boost our energy level? Let me explain that in simple terms. The natural alarm clock has a lamp which gradually increases its intensity just like a sunrise. Thus, natural alarm clocks are also referred as sunrise alarm clocks. The brain responds to this increasing light intensity by signaling the body to wake up in a natural way. Therefore, you wake up invigorated and refreshed.

Our human brain responds to the light as if it was from a sunrise. It thus recalibrates the body’s circadian rhythms which can be disrupted by season change due to the lack of light. This is a form of light therapy used to help Seasonal Affective Disorder victims to cope with their winter blues.  But for people who don’t suffer the depression, it is a great solution to boost your morning and start your day right rather than drag yourself out of bed and feel tired all day.

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