Seasonal Affective Disorder Remedy: Light Therapy from Natural Alarm Clock to Better Mood and Sleep

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Many pe

ople experience a sudden and serious change of mood especially with the coming of winter. This depression brought about by the change in seasons is called Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The usual symptoms of seasonal affective disorder are the following: difficulty with waking up early in the morning, oversleeping, and overeating. The manifestation of stress-related symptoms like the lack of energy, problems with focus, and the unexplainable withdrawal from social activities are also signs of this depression disorder.

With the tendency to oversleep and overeat, the body of the sufferer tends to slow down in this time sunlight-deprived season. Thus, it can lead to cravings for carbohydrates, and eventually to significant weight gain.

To provide remedy, light therapy from natural alrm clock was found to work well for most people with seasonal affective disorder. The light therapy is effective to aid the sufferer in order to better mood and the sleep in general. As good news, it is very easy to use and incorporate in the daily routine. People suffering from depression start to feel better within a week after starting light therapy.

Light therapy, especially dawn simulation with sunrise alarm clocks, has been proven effective by at least 83% (according to studies) as compared to other forms of therapy. But the only requirement of the therapy is consistency as you are required to stick with the sessions everyday until the end of the winter or early spring season. Failing to do so would trigger relapse and the return to the depression state.

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