Super Secret: One Small Habit That Is Sure To Increase Your Physical Performance

Apr 21st, 2009 | By jjgw | Category: Featured

Here’s a quick tip for people who are involved with sports and who want to provide a boost for their performances, or for normal folks who just want to feel that extra surge of energy throughout the day…
Do some squats as warm-ups.

Nope. This tip isn’t about replacing your usual, and necessary, workout routines with a dozen squats. The operative word here is “warm-up.” The squats are just supposed to serve as preparatory exercises for the main workout routine.

Warm-ups are often neglected steps in workouts. Most people want to jump straight to the action. This can be perilous. Muscles won’t have time to adjust to the new demands and such can cause serious injuries ranging from muscle pulls to muscle tears. Warm-ups should always be considered as essential parts of every fitness session.

Why squats as warm-ups?

Researchers from East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania revealed that subjects who performed preparatory squats performed better on the stationary bikes. The explanation for this seem quite simple: squats increase the flexibility and the range of motion of particular muscles in our bodies – muscles which are essential in carrying out numerous tasks.

What’s a good prep exercise with squats then?

The same researchers reveal that squatting with appropriate weight is the way to go. Three sets of five reps each would be ideal. Take some time to rest in between sets. Remember, such is merely a preparatory routine, not the main event.

But for people on the go, they can do away with the weights and they can just do 10 to 20 squats in a single set.

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