Saving on Workout Expenses

Aug 18th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Featured

Let me tell you how I save money from gas and other incidental expenses I usually incur in going to and from the gym where I once do my daily exercise. I said once because I quit the gym and now, I am doing my daily exercise workout right here in my house. To be honest with it, the monthly savings that I was able to make runs to nearly a hundred dollars. What with the soaring cost of gasoline and the high cost of gym membership plus miscellaneous expenses that I usually incur like snacks and other gym services.

Aside from my savings, the fact that I am doing my exercise in my house instead of the gym would be an added advantage for me in terms of comfort, safety and the means that I can easily log on to my online computer to check on my online business. The many advantages that resulted from my quitting gym workouts and doing it right in my house was the result of a TV ads that I saw several weeks ago. The TV ad dealt about the many benefits of an exercise ball. It took my attention because during that time, I was concentrating on my abs, and the advertisement showed how effective and easy it is to exercise using the ball.

Thinking about the exercise ball that night, it dawned on me that I might be able to save money by purchasing an exercise ball and doing my abs exercises right here at home. So, I calculated the expenses that I was spending in my gym workouts for a month and it turned out that with a month savings alone, I can already purchase a ball.

The following day I quit my membership from the gym and purchased an exercise ball. To complete the exercise regimen that I usually do in the gym, I also purchased weights and a weight bench and an exercise bike. Before doing these purchases, I first reflected on the cost and equate it with the savings I can have every month. I realized that the cost of my purchases can be sufficiently covered by my savings from not going to the gym in a year’s time.

As such, I am now doing all my exercises I used to do in the gym at home. Exercising my abs to become firmer with the use of the ball, toning my upper body muscles with the weights and weight bench, and strengthening my cardiovascular system through the bike exercise; this would also tone my lower body muscles in my legs and calves. Now, even my office mates have followed what I did and had also purchased their own exercising equipments and are now exercising in the comforts of their homes instead of in gyms.

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  3. One thing that has really helped me cut out expense is buying exercise equipment for our home. We set out to try to copy our local gym as much as possible with equipment that we knew worked. Examples: We have a treadmill, elliptical trainer and exercise bike to add variety to our cardio. We bought a home gym, weight bench, dumbells, plates, bars and racks for our strength training. We bought from a company called fitnessscape which ships free. Most stores you go to always charge delivery so looking for a site like this makes a world of difference. To have a gym like ours takes time you cannot whip out there and buy everything at one time but if you piece it together it works well. If you add all the gym dues we have paid for years it just seemed to make sense.

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