Habit #7 – Motivation

Aug 18th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

I feel for me and for that matter for all the only thing which lacks for them to push to the gym would be the motivation. You might end up with lots and lots of excuses to not go to the gym. And sometimes even worse that I did not make any excuses but almost completely stopped going to the gym at all. One day when I saw my image on the mirror after a morning shower, the conscious inside me told me to never postpone or stop going to the gym in order to get the lost fitness back. This enlightenment appeared to me suddenly in a flash.

One of the best and effective way to get the much needed motivation for you to get your fitness level back and go to the gym was to set a goal and focus on that goal almost 100% of the time and energy. Actually to be frank, my initial goal was to lose weight, get improvement in my cardiac fitness and have my good looks back.

When I get the demotivation to not go to the gym, I always remember the day when I looked at myself on the mirror and how bad I looked on that day to let myself going and do the fitness regime for the day either at the gym or at home. This is just an example, you can find your own ways to get that trigger to get yourself motivated. It can be anything, your own self-reliance of how you look or others could even tell it to you to get yourself motivated to get the fitness that you desire.

The other effective way to get your motivation intact is to set short term goals. As when you start to achieve those short term goals, you will have a sense of accomplishment and a great feeling and will push you forward in achieving more goals. These short term goals can be anything, like doing more squats for the day and increasing it gradually, run more miles, etc. The trump card here should be these goals should be easily achievable during the initial stages and should me made more tougher in the coming weeks.

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