The Myths of Exercise Experts - Their Machines

Aug 17th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Featured Articles

The fitness and weight loss industry is a billion dollar business that is global in scope. Many so-called experts have come out to introduce their concepts in the right way of doing many various exercises that promise weight loss and fitness in a short period of time. This is of course, if you will use their patented exercise devices that would make your wallets or bank accounts slimmer in size. It is just amazing how so many different machines are now out in the market to make somebody slim when all you have to do is stretch your body early in the morning and jog some distance to have a fit and slim body.

A lot of these experts would each harp on their patented machine for weight loss and fitness through e-books and video presentation that would make you believe the models they use on their machines indeed gained their six packs abs and well tapered bodies through the use of their exercise machines when you have seen the same personalities exercising on another kind of machines on TV! Of course we all know that advertising firms usually utilize models on these machines they are paid to create ads for, from the same fitness agency who supplies well trimmed models for advertising purpose. It simply would appear that these experts with their exercise machines are exploiting the huge market for fitness and weight loss for immediate money making ventures.

It is suggested that before you purchase any of these patented exercise machines that these fitness experts are selling, bear in mind several things which are cost, function, safety and need. Considering the usual high cost of these patented exercise machines, you can compare it with other non-costly ways of exercising. For example the machine promises to give your lower body strength like muscles in your legs and calves. Now, instead of buying said machine, why not jog every morning to tighten you leg muscles? In terms of function, you have to ask the advice first of exercise practitioners like gym instructors as to the functionality and effectiveness of the machine. When it comes to safety, these new machines are yet untested so, why bother buying it? And lastly, try to ask yourself if you really need such an exercise machine.

Actually, with the soaring cost of nearly every thing today, many health buffs have made it a point of doing positive exercise, which would mean exercising your body through ways that can help you eliminate expenses and can lead to positive things that can be accomplished. There are now a growing number of people who use bicycles instead of gas consuming vehicles in their daily travel. And instead of using motorized lawn mowers, they are now using mechanized manual grass cutters instead. These are just two examples by which people are now finding ways to save money and exercise at the same time. Try it for a healthy body and wallet.

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