Habit #6 – Desire

Aug 17th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

This habit of desiring can itself be a motivation or a trigger to motivate on itself. From my point of view, the desire I had to self improvement and the passion I had for personal growth and improvement which I have used very well. And this desire for something out of ordinary is what makes us separate from other beings on earth. And the same applies in personal improvement through fitness too.

I always think of my desire and it gets stronger when I workout at the gym. When I was lifting weights my desire would solely fall on adding more pounds to the weights that I lift. I personally close all my thoughts about life during this time and concentrate on my desire, in this case adding more pounds to the weights.

The desire you have will actually come back to what exactly motivates you to working out. No matter what it is, whether it is for you to lose weight or even building up strength and it is how seemingly you want it. I feel myself as lucky as I tend to give my 100% of what I do to reach the goals I set through the desire here in this case the working out. You should be feel like a man when you are working out both mentally as well as physically. And should have a fair mental strength which keeps you focused on your goal rather than deviating from it.

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