Habit #5 : Resting

Aug 8th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

Resting is an excellent way to repair as well as grow up your muscles. It also give you some time to focus on the status of your mind. The big mistake that committed during early period was not giving adequate time to relax for my muscles before restarting the workouts again. Because of that I could not even lift the bare minimum weight I was supposed to lift in the gym as my shoulder was very weak and sore. This has actually made my strength to peak and fall frequently. I also tried changing the exercise but to my dismay that did not work at all. Now that I have realized that rest is an inseparable part of the fitness regime.

Although the rest does not always mean to sit idle and do nothing but during resting you can actually give work to your mind by way of memory exercises as well as creative writing. I also try to visualize the development of my muscles. You can also meditate on the look of your muscles growing and healing. You can also ask someone to massage your muscles during resting period.

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