Habit #4 : Reflection

Aug 4th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

This is one of the habit which has been overlooked by many and even sometimes laughed at some point. But if you can use it correctly it would add fuel to both your motivation as well as desire to achieve your goal. It actually can involve reflection for the day with the workout that has been done. If you have succeeded in a dead lift and could even set up a new record with yourself you should actually maintain that record till the end of the day. The ways in which you can actually improve on the reflection is by way of bettering your performance when you perform the same next week, as it will not only make you feel great but also more fitter in the long run. There will no bigger reward than to head back to gym as it makes you feel real good.

Another place where you check your reflection is at the mirror. As it will not tell lies and is the best way to judge on the progress that you are making. The visual of just seeing the six pack will surely make you more excited after all these years of having a beer belly, this will surely be a motivational factor to work out more and lose even more of the fat which has been sticking to you till now. I also mostly prefer to just use the mirror as the best way to see the goals and set it too. One day I saw that my abdomen was in excellent shape but found out that my shoulder was not as developed as it should be and so I started to focus on it and started to do shoulder presses and dips. Mirror is the best weapon in your arsenal called fitness regime, hence use it regularly.

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