Habit #3 : Eating

Aug 2nd, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

As an youngster I used to anything and everything I see without adding and weight to my body as I was very active. But nowadays it is totally different. I watch whatever I eat. Although I never count my calories very much as preparing such foods will be a big headache for anyone and hence I don’t do maths on my food that I eat. But I prefer to eat all natural foods like fruits, vegetables, eggs, fish, bread, etc. Most of the meals I eat will have one of these food for sure.

Although I feel myself as lucky as I don’t look for variety on what I eat for my satisfaction. As I eat only the necessary food to provide the much needed fuel to function properly and muscle building. This has fitted my regime very well as I don’t like planning in any way. But if you are such a person who likes variety in what you eat, then it is better to plan on your eating on a weekly basis. Although it is really tough to plan on the food that you eat by this method but you will get significant benefit from it long term.

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One thing which I know and must know for me when I eat something is the total protein intake. I always try to have at least 30 plus grams on each meal per day. It is the only nutrient I really admire on when the food was being prepared and it would rather be difficult for those prepare it though. As a thumb rule you should at least have 1 gram protein per pound of the body weight. Hence if you weight 150 pounds then you must at least have 1.5 grams of protein daily.

But I always consume most of the natural foods which has high protein in it like chicken, eggs, beef and tuna. As I don’t believe in consuming protein rich powers which actually costs you a huge deal. Hence it is beneficial both financially as well as health wise.

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  1. If you eat tuna, packed, and rinse it well before eating. Protein

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