Habit #2 : Progression

Jul 31st, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

I have had a very bad habit initially during my fitness regimens where I would do the same weight when I do the squat and bench for weeks or even months. This has made my muscles sore and had to recover from it and start all over again after my recovery. The same weight was not doing nothing on my muscles, as it stayed the same size since there is no progression in weight to add more strength to it.

I never understood the difference of doing the same weight without progressive every week and hence lacking in growth. But later I realized that in order to build more muscles and get bigger you must progress on the workouts you do. This is one habit which I have adopted well as my body was in a state of change constantly. I also add more weight on the working out sessions and hence I could see huge difference and improvement in the size and strength directly. Muscle plateauing is also nullified due to the significant increase in stress that I am putting on my muscles with frequent load change or progress.

Just like your life, you must progress in order to achieve your goal in fitness routine too. If you want to get that more money you wanted you would progress to the next level in your work place which will naturally have more responsibility. Similarly, if you want lose that extra pound and build your muscles you should adapt to the progress in the fitness routine by way of cardio working outs or even adding heavy weights.

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