Habit #1 : Consistency

Jul 29th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

This is one habit which is the most important and must follow practice when it comes to fitness routine and it is the one that most of us find it hard to do or form. As you can see n number of people who would have given up or about give up their fitness routine. Mostly this starts with the new year resolution but not a habit and hence they give up very easily even before the half way period of the year!

One easy and best way to be consistent is going to the gym regularly. Never ever waste your time on the thoughts of finding reasons whether to go to the gym or not to go. But when you reach the gym and started doing the routines, just only concentrate it and don’t think about your office or even your home. Focus your entire mind on the goal that you have set with regards to the fitness level that you are going to achieve. Just mere thinking about the goal you are going to achieve will motivate you and help you work out well while in the gym.

I used to be very much occupied with the habit of going to gym I feel very much stressed out or upset on the days when I could not make up to go the gym. Once I even lost my gym card and found it at a later time but during that time, I felt rather disoriented with not being able to go to the gym. You should also have the practice of doing fitness routine or going to the gym at the exact same time as you might even addicted to it (good addiction though). Thus you will form an habit of going to the gym regularly at that time and will become part of your life.

You should also be simultaneously be consistent in other walks of life too, like avoiding fast food, resting, working out, progressing on the fitness routine, etc. If you really are very much serious on being fitter and healthier and weight loss as well as muscle building you must form this as a habit to get success in it.

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