Seven Essential Habits Being A Successful Fitness Routine

Jul 29th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Lead Article, Tips And Techniques

I guess I am not the only person that has an avid appetite for self-improvement. I have lots and lots of books to regarding getting fitter, losing weight, getting six pack abs, getting rich, etc. I must confess that I am rather obsessed towards self improvement as well as personal growth.

The issue with this insatiable fascination for getting richer, smarter, and fitter was I really do not think any of the so-called self help books could do to me any good. And that is because there is absolutely no way you can achieve success through shortcut.

We might have to spend our whole life to achieve to be the man we were dreaming of. It takes any regular man to achieve the grace to go through love, despair, love and sometimes even death.

I would always feel an average person when it comes to doing things till now. I have actually found the formula, which I feel was a winning one, to get me stronger, fitter as well as healthier person than ever before. I would have lost around 15-20 pounds but simultaneously increased the muscle mass, even doing bench presses and squatting. I actually know that these figures are not an extraordinary to achieve but according to me they are. I am also slowly and steadily improving on a day to day basis. I was not only got fitter and stronger, but I can sense my thoughts have had more clarity and I could figure out what my goals are and what to do so as to achieve it.

Here are some seven or more habits which I have followed very faithfully in me getting a good physical fitness routine.

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