Push Ups - Even The Romans Did It

Jul 22nd, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Effective Exercise

For a beginner, doing push ups may be quite difficult because of the many different muscles involved. This type of exercise targets the pectoral muscles, which are in the chest wall and the triceps, which are the muscles in the upper part of your arms. But I could do a 100 push ups and that sounds like a fine goal. I’m already in pretty decent shape right now and in the initial test I did a quick 30 some push ups on the floor.

Health and fitness experts, including the American College of Sports Medicine, have urged more focus on upper-body fitness. The aerobics movement has emphasized cardiovascular fitness but has also shifted attention from strength training exercises. Learn how to modify your routine and finally start getting some real fitness results. There are two main benefits to this. First, since it’s a natural motion, it’s easier on your joints .

You might already know this, but push-ups exercise is the oldest trick in the big book of fitness exercises. This well-known exercise has been around for so long that even Roman soldiers have performed it. It is substantial and you can handstand push ups replace pull ups it, the invasion we want.

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