Can Your Metabolism Increase By Exercise Alone?

Jul 16th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Effective Exercise

It has been long time since a lot of researchers who have been finding it hard to get the correct association with the exercise and the metabolism rate. Although there were proofs that exercise does have an effect of increasing the metabolic rate but there were also instances of exercise bringing the rate of metabolism down too.

Before getting perplexed by this totally opposite results found by the researches with regards to metabolism with doing exercises, we should remember that we all burn down those extra calories on a daily basis on our routine day to day activities. This burning up of excess calories is called total daily energy expenditure or other called TDEE.

The TDEE consists of spending up of energy though in small units with activities like when someone is at rest and energy used up for food digestion as well as the energy spent on our day to day chores or activities. While the energy spent on rest accounts for nearly 50% of the energy spent while 10% is spent on activities like digestion of food and around 30-40% is spent on our daily activities. Exercise will need more calories to burn out when doing it.

There have been researches on the effects of doing exercise on energy that is being spent. In all these studies, there have been instances of higher metabolic rate over a period of one day after these exercises being done. Like, aerobics will increase the metabolic rate as soon as the session gets over.

There is also some instances that both men as well as women have different effects on exercising on their metabolism. This was proven rightly by the researchers exhaustively. They have concluded that women tend to use less calories while exercising as well as at rest.The results have concluded that exercise will help in increasing the metabolic rate of around 5 to 35 hours.

But depending on the exercises, there is actually a threshold limit set when it comes to period and amount in which the metabolic rate gets affected.Sex does play a role in determining the metabolic rate, as women seems to have far less effect when compared to men.

Resistance exercises tend to increase metabolic rates. Weight training exercise increases the muscle mass and since more calories are spent during exercises, increased muscle mass will simultaneously increases the metabolic rate.

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