Exercise And Fitness - The Easy Way To A New You

Jul 13th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Featured Articles

Why you should be Fit?

Although getting fitter is simple it is not as easy as one would think. But the main issue here is that you should keep your mind on a goal in getting fitter and work towards it.

It should also be remembered that getting fit does not always happen overnight as it involves change of lifestyle immensely. Although if you could make a some smaller changes in the lifestyle the results you get will be excellent.

With getting fit you not only lose weight and feel and look better but it is also one of the greatest way to feel happy and healthy in your life. Since getting fit involves a great deal of a change in lifestyle and also involve making new lifestyles and also it should be a long term plan too.

It is not mandatory that you should be a great athlete in order to start exercise and continue with it, as there are lots of exercises which can be done and lifestyle changes which will make you experience the profit of making you feel fitter and healthier.


Some very cheap equipments like hand weights, skipping rope, and a couple of jogging shoes is enough to start with initially.


There are actually two different types of exercises namely strength training and aerobic.Strength training exercises help you in strengthening the muscles. While the aerobic exercises like jogging, swimming, brisk walking and rowing will be very useful in overall health and reducing disease conditions like heart disease, lung diseases, etc.

Most women tend to omit the strength training thinking that it is only for men, but the fact remains that it is also equally important for women due to the fact that women are at greater risk of acquiring disease condition like osteoporosis or thinning of the bone, etc. Hence strength training in women will help preventing such disease conditions as well as help protect the bone from becoming brittle.

Strength training can be done anywhere, either at the gym or at home itself if you own weights. It will help in reducing those extra fat by way burning the calories.Creativity also plays a major role here if you are planning to get fitter and stronger with increased energy levels.

Although if you have not started early, it is not always late to start exercising but starting and continuing it regularly is the key no matter how late you start.

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  1. Nice article.
    The 4 most important rules to healthy living are: don’t eat more calories than your body can burn, eat more plant-based foods than meat-based, keep an eye on your portion sizes and exercise daily.

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