Burn More Fats By Eating Right

Jul 13th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Tips And Techniques

Burning more fat isn’t the only reason you should do your cardio early. The third benefit of morning workouts is the “rush” and feeling of accomplishment that stays with you all day long after an invigorating workout. Burning body fat is straightforward; you must use up more calories than you consume. If your body doesn’t use all the calories you have consumed, they will be stored as body fat.

Eating this way also decreases the risk of overeating. Eat baked or grilled food and use olive oil to cook it in. Stick to foods that are natural and have not been processed or have a lot of fat and sugar in them. Eating carbohydrate lowers plasma FFA both by increasing insulin levels and by providing glycerol phosphate for fatty acid resterification and storage as triglyceride (16,29,42,43). Thus, eating a diet low in carbohydrate raises plasma FFA and results in carbohydrate sparing, but is counterproductive because it reduces glycogwww stores (44,45) and, therefore, wwwdurance (39).

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