Effectively Flatten Your Stomach - Do It The Proper Way

Jul 12th, 2008 | By Fitness | Category: Lead Article

There are some unusual techniques as well as exercises which can help in burning out the belly fat pretty quickly and hence give you a more flatter stomach. It is in fact not as hard as one would imagine. If you could spend around 10 minutes daily, you will surely have a flatter abs no matter in 10 days for sure.

Burn the fat fast in your belly

The first technique which you are going to use is called rubbing your belly with hot hands.

Here what you have to do is to rub your hands for some time to produce some heat. Rub for at least 15 seconds. Now just lie down and with one hand start rubbing in circles around and near your belly button. Try doing this for around 30 seconds and then stop and repeat. Do this repeat every 3-5 minutes and try doing this twice daily.

How does this work? To answer this question, the heat generated from your hands will help burn the excess fat cells in your abs. Actually it is much complex than that but it would be too boring and too much here to discuss it.

Flatten the stomach with these exercises

To reduce or getting rid of excess fat in your tummy just vacuum it off with vacuum pose.This is an isometric type of exercise is considered the best way in getting rid of tummy fat. Just suck on the gut on the lowest part. Try to focus this around your belly button. Hold it for some time around 25 seconds and above. You do this multiple times doing at least five minutes of it in total. But do not do it all in one go. With this there have been positive results of losing up 2 inches of tummy in around four weeks.

If you wanted a toned look in your abs try hula hoop. To make things easier for you try to buy a hula hoop which is weighed as twirling will be easier on it. Do the hula hoop twirl for around 10 minutes daily.

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  1. Cardio 2 hours a day will give you results, there is actually no evidence on burning fat in ‘target’ areas.
    studies show weight is lost evenly, so you can’t actually target the belly, butt, thighs etc…
    1 million pushups a day isn’t going to make you lose belly fat.
    just do CARDIO! :)
    Great site.

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